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4th place, age group M30-34, Kona qualification

3rd place, age group M30-34

3rd place, Finnish Championship

Winner, age group M30-34

2013 IRONMAN Kalmar
2nd place, age group M30-34, Kona qualification

Finisher in 9 hours 30 minutes

5th place, Finnish Championship

Winner, age group M30-34

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Quick Look at The Season 2013 Training Stats

Yesterday I did a little review of my training from this year. Here are some numbers I found.

Total hours: 547

Weekly average: 10.5

As you can see in the graph above, my weekly hours are moderate at best. I know several age groupers who are consistently logging nearly 20 weekly hours or even more, not to mention the pros with their 25+ hours. This is, however, close to the maximum I'm able to do at the moment because of my day job as a pilot (well, most of my flights are actually during the night but you get the point) and the family obligations. Next year, I will try to squeeze in some more hours by adding a little bit of consistency to the early part of the season. Have to be careful though, to not to fry my motivation before the summer starts.

It's not all about the hours anyway. In fact, I'm quite satisfied with the level I'm currently at with this amount of training and my short history with the sport. While I am still new to all of this and continuously learning, I did figure out early on that it's the quality of training that dumps the quantity. I know everybody says this but a lot of people still fail to really adjust their training accordingly. Your key sessions have to be made well rested in order to make the desired impact.

Zones 3 and 4 here represent the HR values between 
my aerobic and anaerobic thresholds.
My favorite training sessions, especially on the bike, are relatively short intervals (5-10min) that really feel challenging and you get the burning sensation in the legs. The bulk of my training, however, is done at quite easy intensities as can be seen in the graph here.

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